Monday, April 22, 2013


Some of my favorite parts of Easter:

Mike got up with the kids, I don't know why, I didn't plan to miss their Easter morning, but whatever. I forgot to tell him to take pictures BUT HE DID IT ANYWAY. Love him. I had to include all of the pictures because they're all hilarious to me. The kids were flipping out over searching for their baskets. (Obviously candy is their love language.)

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We got ready for church and were running late (imagine!), so we barely got these pictures snapped. Bah. One day...

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After second hour, we pulled the kids out and headed to Nancy & Norm's for Easter dinner. The food was quite plentiful and we had a great time.

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Texas siblings, hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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Heather can't stop herself from going NUTS over this kind of thing, and Nancy & my mom joined her this year. Obviously it's so much fun to watch the kids have a complete BLAST with the hunt and the toys, but... Regardless we're so appreciative and grateful for all our family.

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Kaitlyn was sweet enough to take the kids on her horse. It was Hudson's first time and, uh, he was a little nervous. He did great though!!

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andi said...

Love Hud's tie...hmm, have seen that somewhere before :)

Yes, after we get graduation out of the way (2 weeks, yello!) let's hang out, okay??

Simply Sarah *K* said...

(My 3rd attempt to post this comment...disclaimer in case it turns up 30 times)
Every time I read your blog, it makes me want to blog! Thanks for the inspiro, friend!
Huds face on the horse melts my heart!!

Karen said...

I love the horse pictures. Such fun!