Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School is {not} for fools, 1st grade edition!

Maddy's first day was great. She really liked her teacher, met a lot of new friends (two of them are named Sarah, and one of them is Sariah! Confusing! Especially because she talks so fast!), and is looking forward to having two snacks a day, per her teacher.


Fast forward to this week.

On Monday, her teacher quit.

Not sure what happened yet, there still hasn't been any communication from the school, aside from me calling them, wondering WHAT THE.

Not that it's my business what happened, I hope everything is okay. But seriously, I hope they find a new teacher soon! Right now the aide is teaching the class. Bless her.


So she started last Wednesday. She looked so cute in her uniform, I thought they were so ugly at first, but Maddy makes anything look cute. If I do say so myself.

We brought her giant bag of school supplies in with us and she was totally fine with being dropped off in this new place, all by herself. I cried when we walked out, joining all the other KINDERGARTEN mothers who were boo-hooing their way out the door. And I missed her A LOT most of the day. But Thursday was better, and by Friday, we got kind of back into the swing of things.

I know this year will be a great year!

(Assuming she gets a teacher.)

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Katie & Kevin Meador said...

I can't believe she is getting so big! And she does look awfully cute in that uniform :) Hoping she gets a new fabulous teacher soon!!

Doug & Tracy Myers said...

I just adore that girl's smile! I am so amazed at how she takes everything in stride too!

Sarah Kirchmann said...

She's such a happy gal! Love her! She totally deserves a better teacher than that, holy smokes. I just can't believe it, so lame! I'm sure there's another better one in the mix!