Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seven months, say what?

Didn't I just blog about Brandt being six months? Sheesh.

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Brandt mostly sleeps through the night. There were a few nights in a row last week where he thought 1 AM was party time. I wouldn't care AT ALL if I could go back to sleep, but I've had a rough time sleeping lately. Pretty lame. Thankfully Brandt does really well at nighttime.

He doesn't nap too well, still. Jerk. :)

He loves his jumperoo. LOVES.

He can't sit up all the way unassisted, but he's getting closer.

He's nowhere near crawling, at least I don't think so.

We still swaddle him for sleep. He gets out of it every time but it seems to help him go to sleep? I'm not really sure. We did the same with Hudson, so ? Ehhhh.

He rolls everywhere. All day long. It's cute. Except for when he gets stuck. :)

He eats so well! Breastfeeding is still going great, and he's taken to solid foods like a champ. He hasn't had too many fruits yet, but loves everything I've given him so far. (Sweet potatoes, avocado, carrots, squash, a tiny bit of mashed potatoes, prunes and banana)

Brandt loves drinking from a straw and right out of a cup. He also does really well with sippy cups still, which is perfect.

All of a sudden, HE HATES BATHS. Oh my goodness, I have no idea what I'm going to do with him! He loved them before, loved just being nekked or in his diaper, but FREAKS now. Poor baby. :(

As promised, a picture of Brandt's first tooth! His second one came in a couple weeks after the first. Fast and furious, I tell ya!

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(July 2014)

And a sweet picture of this monster:

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This is how most of our summer days are spent

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One day Hud shared his wristbands with his brother. This time, he put them on his legs.

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Occasionally, I do dress the baby. But some days, he stays in his pjs all day, and sometimes, I don't even do them back up after diaper changes. I would say 'oh, poor third baby,' but I did this with the others too. ;)

My baby Brandt! Time is going so quick. I just love this guy. He's not really the sweetest baby ever, you know? But he's sweet to me. He's not really that fussy, just... hard-headed? I'm not sure what the right word is. He's an interesting little guy, he's kinda hard to figure out. But we love him so much!

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Sarah Kirchmann said...

He is a sweetie tho!!! Just his own kind of sweet! Lol. Love him!